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Autism? Don't Panic!


Your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability. What should you do now? ​

Take a deep breath.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Educate yourself.

What treatments are available for your child?

What treatments have been proven to be effective?

Take your time to research

Make sure there are studies to back up the treatments. 

A good site is the Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Find out who is offering treatment in your area.

Interview them to find out what their approach is, what kind of knowledge and experience they have, and if they are accredited in their field. 

Ask around, who are other parents recommending? Why?

A good place to look for other parents is through social media sites like Facebook. There are groups geared toward parents and families of children with Autism, Down Syndrome etc.

Some Facebook suggestions:



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