Coffee Shop 101

Week 1 – Hygiene, Health and Safety 

Week 2 - Baking cookies with assistance moving toward independence

 Week 3 – Baking brownies with assistance - moving toward independence.

Week 4 – Making beverages – coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced tea -safe handling of products

 Week 5 – Giving and taking orders – role play as customers and servers

 Week 6 – Planning and organization  of coffee shop 

Week 7 – A-Z preparation, serving, cleaning etc.

Week 8 – Monday - prep food and drinks 

Week 8 – Wednesday – serve food and drinks to family and friends.  


6 individuals per group – 2 Interventionists on staff

 Cost for individual participation is $15/hr - $480 for 16 classes.

 Payment may be broken into two payments of $240.00 

 *no refunds will be given for classes that are missed.     

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Call 306-270-2852  if you would like to discuss your child's involvment in the group, or to sign up!



Camp Dojo

Camp Dojo is a 6 week summer day camp for teens and young adults

with cognitive disabilities.

July 9- August 17, 2018

What will we be doing?  Learning job skills, social skills and self help skills. 

Weekly Sample Schedule:

Week 1. Gardening, planting, garden care.

Week 2. Car care - detailing, fluid checks, tire checks, tire changing etc.

Week 3.  Small animal care - walking, grooming, feeding, trip to SPCA.

Week 4. Horse Week - grooming, tacking, feeding, trips to a farm and Marquis Downs.

Week 5. Meal planning, shopping, cooking, nutrition.

Week 6.  Introduction to sports, trying hiking, climbing, team sports and other activities that the participants may not have tried.

Daily we will engage in learning a vocational skill, as well as planned exercise, art, drama or music.

There will be 6 places available - preference will be given to those who can commit to the full 6 weeks scheduled. 

Cost: $400.00 per week per participant. (Lunch and snacks included)

Camp runs from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

For more information call Shannon Hill (306)270-2852