Coffee Shop 101

Week 1 – Hygiene, Health and Safety 

Week 2 - Baking cookies with assistance moving toward independence

 Week 3 – Baking brownies with assistance - moving toward independence.

Week 4 – Making beverages – coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced tea -safe handling of products

 Week 5 – Giving and taking orders – role play as customers and servers

 Week 6 – Planning and organization  of coffee shop 

Week 7 – A-Z preparation, serving, cleaning etc.

Week 8 – Monday - prep food and drinks 

Week 8 – Wednesday – serve food and drinks to family and friends.  


6 individuals per group – 2 Interventionists on staff

 Cost for individual participation is $15/hr - $480 for 16 classes.

 Payment may be broken into two payments of $240.00 

 *no refunds will be given for classes that are missed.     

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Call 306-270-2852  if you would like to discuss your child's involvment in the group, or to sign up!