Living far away from the city?

Starting an ABA program in your home

1. The first step in getting your in home program started is having us come by to do an assessment of your child. we use what is called The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program - or VB Mapp, Mark L.Sundberg, Ph.D. This is a language and social skills assessment program for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.     

2. Based on the assessment, we will develop a program that is specific to your child's needs.   ​   

3. We will train the Behaviour Interventionists (and parents too!) in the specific programs that have been written for your child, as well as in behavioural principles in general which should help you day to day in working with  your child.  The Behaviour Interventionists (or BI's for short) can be hired by me or by the family to work with the child - whatever the family decides works best for their situation.      

4. Every 10 hours of programming -  we will be there to supervise the program to make sure that it is moving along as it should, and trouble shoot any issues that may be occurring.  (for rural clients a skype option will be available for some of these sessions).

What materials will I need?

1. Typically you will need a table for your child to work at - with a chair of appropriate size.  The child should be able to reach the table easily, and be able to put both feet on the floor while doing so.     

2. Reinforcers - these would be things that your child would be motivated to "work" for.  Toys, activities, food, etc. (We do have some that we can loan to families and switch out frequently).     

3.  A space to work  - this can be a seperate room in the house - or a space in the home that  is designated as the therapy area.  It should be devoid of other toys and destractions that may interfere with the program sessions.   (keep in mind that we will eventually move to all areas of the house - the school, community etc., so don't worry the space will be temporary).

How many hours of intervention will my child need?

Well, that depends on many different factors.  Including but not limited to the results of the assessment. But the recommended minimum level of intensity of treatment is 20 hours per week, programs can go up to 40 hours per week if necessary.

After an assessment of your child's needs, we can work together to set goals that are appropriate for your child. Based on that assessment and goal setting - we will come to a recommended number of hours per week for the programming.

Where you can get funding

The Casey Foundation

Providing individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Saskatchewan up to $500 toward treatment.  

Application forms available on their website:

Individualized funding Government of Saskatchewan

For children ages 0-6 who have a diagnosis of Autism.  $4000.00 annual funding to use for the evidence based therapy of your choice. (Refer to the Registered Autism Providers list for a list of practitioners)

Go to the website:  to apply and find there the service providers list.